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The Napster Comedy Wiki - Buried relics from the Third Millennium A.D.

Between 1999 and 2005, a series of mysterious "comedy" audio recordings circulated throughout the Net. They were often attributed to Weird Al, Adam Sandler, Howard Stern, or Tom Green. Very rarely were the recordings by these artists. Sometimes "Comedy" or "Parody" was used as the artist's name.

Proving the origin of these recordings, and the artist who performed them, was difficult if not impossible, since "Web 2.0" was in its infancy. Many of these recordings have been lost in history, either fully or partially, while others have survived on sites such as Myspace and YouTube.

The Napster Comedy Wiki intends to document these recordings and discover their true authorship.


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1. All pages have been locked, do not edit.

2. Feel free to create more pages but they will eventually be locked by the admin. Articles are only for the songs themselves and for albums - artists and subject matter are Categories.

3. Before 2006 (2005 or earlier) only. YouTube was founded in 2005, Myspace was founded in 2003, Facebook opened to the general public in 2006, and MGM v. Grokster (2006) outlawed file sharing as a business model. This makes before 2006 (2005 or earlier) as a good cutoff year.

4. All discussion, evidence, and claims of authorship should go on the Talk Page.

5. No posting torrent, magnet, or similar file sharing links.

6. No soundboard-based prank calls. There are too many of them, and the majority of the prank calls exchanged were not soundboard pranks. For soundboard pranks, see: Soundboard Prank Calls Wikia

7. No material from the Phil Hendrie Show. While he claimed his material was frequently traded, his copyright policies are so ridiculous that he has rendered his own existence unprovable by academic means. More info here.

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